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Why Harris Smith Consulting?

We navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern marketing with a keen understanding that marketing approaches and operations must evolve from static and siloed to dynamic and integrated.


We acknowledge the pressing need for marketing leaders to solidify their influence and demonstrate unequivocal value at the executive table, highlighting the critical impact and efficiencies of their marketing efforts. 


Our approach is designed to unlock your team's potential, guiding you with strategies that not only adapt but also excel, propelling your marketing maturity forward with precision and agility.


Our team brings decades of diverse experience, from global corporations to niche businesses, ensuring senior-level insight for your projects.


We specialize in breaking down silos and streamlining processes to ensure our innovative solutions seamlessly integrate with your organization's needs and goals.


Our services offer immediate enhancements in strategic thinking and organizational health, identifying efficiency opportunities and fostering collaboration across units.


We establish structured KPIs tailored to your business, enabling continuous optimization of your marketing strategy for relevance, efficiency, and impact.

Our Guiding Principles

Challenge Convention

We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and questioning norms to drive innovation.

Simplicity as Standard

We simplify complexity, making solutions accessible to all.

Pace Progress for Unique Needs:

We adapt to your specific requirements, evolving at your pace.

Knowledge Leads, Data Refines, Intuition Defends

We combine expertise, data-driven insights, and intuition for sound decision-making.

Embrace Uncertainty

We thrive in the face of ambiguity, leveraging it as a catalyst for growth.

Active Engagement for Long-Term Success

Our partnership is built on mutual commitment, a key to sustained achievement.

The Leadership

We maintain a small, specialized team of senior strategists who lead all client projects. Based on client needs and project scope, we supplement our team with highly-experienced specialists united by our shared commitment to excellence. This approach offers an unmatched breadth of services, ensuring that no aspect of a project is overlooked. 

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Mary Nice

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Nice is a seasoned marketing strategist with a proven track record of driving innovative marketing initiatives for industry-leading companies, including Purdue University, Visit California, Unilever, Hilton, and Arizona State University.

With extensive experience as the Digital Marketing Director at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Mary spearheaded groundbreaking strategies, including pioneering social media listening programs.

A cross-functional strategist, Mary specializes in integrating management coaching and team alignment practices to optimize marketing efficiency and increase retention in today's dynamic workplace landscape.

As CEO of Harris Smith, Mary continues to lead with vision and expertise, empowering brands to navigate the complexities of modern marketing and achieve unparalleled success.

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Amanda Stevenson

Chief Strategy Officer

Amanda is a marketing strategist focused on the intersection of content marketing and performance marketing. As Chief Strategy Officer, Amanda partners with marketing leaders to build customized digital and content strategies to drive brand perception, loyalty and growth.


Preceding the founding of Harris Smith, Amanda built and led the content marketing vertical of a global digital marketing agency and was a strategist for Convince & Convert consulting. 


Amanda’s expertise ranges from defining digital communication transformation, designing go-to-market strategies for DTC brands and product launches, strategizing influencer, partnership and media plans for consumer brands, as well as structuring integrated content strategies.

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